Marianne Kost

I’ve studied art over the years with Maryland and Virginia master painters including Phil Metzger, Edwin Ahlstrom, Walt Bartman, Robert Liberace, and Nancy Tankersley. The influence I gained from these artists range from expressive color and composition to drawing draftsmanship and classical technique. Earlier in my career, I attended the University of Michigan, the Corcoran School, Montgomery College, and the Alexandria Art League. I’ve been juried into the National Gallery of Art Copyist Program. This is a time-honored tradition of painting from masterworks. I’ve participated in many exhibitions and several galleries, winning first place and honorable mention awards. I’m an active member of the Working Artist Forum and the St. Michaels Art League. I’m looking forward to participating in the 2022 Easton Plein Air Festival as a juried Local Color participant as well as the 50th Anniversary of the Waterfowl Festival in November 2022. I’m interested in creating expressive portraits and landscape paintings that move beyond capturing a likeness to telling a story that has universal appeal.

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