2021 Future for the Arts Appeal

We believe art is essential, and we know you do, too. When you watch children create, even adults, their emotions find form where language may not. Sadness, exhilaration, fear, happiness; all make their way in healthy release to the easel, the page, the clay, the stage. Art makes this happen. We saw it unfold week after week – for all ages, and all abilities – when DCA took the summer art program out to county parks this year. In the wider world, neurologists have found that the creative arts bypass the limitations of dementia disorders in their patients and strengthens
their still-vibrant imaginations. Art changes lives.

You make this happen for our community through your support. Your generosity has fueled the Center’s ability to make an impact through the arts for over 50 years – thank you! But the organization is still emerging from a pandemic past and much work remains. Your support this year is critical.

Our 2021 Future for the Arts Appeal has set a goal of $22,000. This symbolic number not only reflects optimism for the New Year, but also assures maintenance of our commitment to uplift the community with arts opportunities that build creative connections, support lifelong learning, and contribute to a healthy and vibrant quality of life for all ages.

Please continue the support that keeps us strong. Donations may be made online. The future of the arts at DCA is in your hands. Thank you!

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