“Aqua/Terra” by Nico Gozal

July/Front Gallery

Artist Statement by Nico Gozal: I have been fascinated with the endless possibilities of colors since I was a child. I find colors a very exhilarating element that inspires and bring so much joy to my life. Combining my academic training in Fashion Design and my love of the art of Silk Painting, I hope to transpose what color means to me. 

 “Aqua/Terra” is a collection of 2 and 3-dimensional paintings inspired by the nature of the land and the sea. I use bold and vibrant tones and hues which commonly found in nature around us to create a brightly colored world.  With this body of work, I aspire to create a sentiment of whimsy and childlike merriment for all ages. I hope each piece brings a sense of wonderment as I do when I look at fireworks or kaleidoscope. 

Join us for the Second Saturday Artists’ Reception. Saturday, July 10 from 5 – 7:30pm.