DCA Unveils New Gallery!

A new name was unveiled during the August Second Saturday reception at Dorchester Center for the Arts. The hallway exhibition space will now be known as The Graham and Judith Slaughter Hall Gallery. This gallery is being named after the Slaughters in acknowledgement of a major gift they made to the 50 for 50 DCA Fundraising Campaign, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Dorchester Center for the Arts. “This is our way of giving back” said the Slaughters, in reference to how meaningful their involvement with DCA has been for them both.

Graham is a former president of the Dorchester Center for the Arts, and both he and Judy have spent decades as avid supporters of DCA. A former neurosurgeon who picked up photography post retirement, Graham now pursues this medium professionally. He also enjoys wood carving and is a regular in the decoy carving class at DCA. Graham founded the Community Photography & Digital Arts Exhibition and Competition in 2005, which continues today to bring dozens of community members together in a friendly competition to show and sell their photographic works. Judy is the Director of Volunteer Services for the Maryland Department of Health Eastern Shore Hospital Center in Cambridge and has provided numerous arts opportunities to the patients they serve through art grant funding she has sourced. Judy has provided leadership for many, many years on the DCA’s Gallery and Gift Shop Committee, and through her membership in the Dorchester Garden Club has connected the two to enhance several exhibits in the Center’s galleries.

It is their hope that this gift will inspire additional major gifts to support the impact of the Dorchester Center for the Arts in the community. For more information on ways to give, please call 410-228-7782.


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