Geo Logos: Emily Martin

August / Main Gallery

Geo Logos is a textile and sound installation created from a study of sedimentary rocks, its textural qualities, and its relation to the practice of silkscreen printing. These rock formations can document time and serve as footprints of the past by collecting and recording plant matter, vegetation, fossils, and weather elements through their layered variations of texture, composition, and thickness. In a similar manner, silkscreen printing holds the hand of the artist in its cloth, recording the layering of patterns and color interactions. This sensorial installation surrounds the viewer with textiles while listening to the sounds that lead to the surface patterns. Martin is a New York based weaver, installation artist, and textile designer. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fiber with a Concentration in Graphic Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art.


Second Saturday Virtual Artists’ Reception August 8. Exhibit runs through August 29.