Artists working on art piece, lady on ladder, man watching
Photo by Melissa Cooperman for Dorchester Center for the Arts

Chalk Artist Community Guidelines:
  • A minimum 5’x 5′ space will be provided for registrants.
  • Chalk art only to be produced in designated and assigned areas.
  • Art can be any subject. No inappropriate content, or commercial or political advertisements are allowed.
  • The art created must be suitable for public and family viewing.
  • Respect the other artists who are working near you. Do not walk on their paintings or have open beverage containers that could spill and destroy someone’s artwork.
  • Keep your supplies to a minimum and well-contained in your space.
  • You may bring umbrellas and or small canopies for shade while drawing in your area. Canopy weights required.
  • No boom boxes or portable speakers allowed as there will be live musical performances at the event. You may wear portable headsets.


  • We recommend purchasing at least one 24-count box of square soft pastels. Amazon sells several brands, any of them should be fine. We will have pastels on hand for your use as well.
  • If you need additional colors, you can also share or exchange chalk with other artists.
  • Only chalk/soft pastels can be used for drawings. No acrylic paint, crayon, ink, or other non-washable or permanent products.
  • No fixatives may be used on the chalk drawings.
  • Watered-down tempera paint is permitted as a base coat. Must be washable!



  • If reproducing an image originally created by another artist (living or deceased), it is important to credit the original artist and the title at the base of your painting.
  • Make a color photocopy of the painting or bring the photo. Make several copies if more than one artist will be working on the piece.
  • If you want your proportions to be correct, you might consider drawing a grid over the photocopies using a ruler and marker. You can lay out a corresponding grid on the ground. An example is one-inch squares on the picture to one-foot squares on the ground. A carpenter’s chalk line is ideal for this.


  • A whisk broom or brush for cleaning the drawing surface. Do not blow the dust particles as this can ruin surrounding artwork.
  • A 2×2 ft. piece of heavy fabric, carpet square, or cardboard to sit on to avoid smearing your work or, a gardener’s pad, or knee pads to kneel on.
  • A chalkboard eraser, foam terry cloth, or short-cut brushes for blending larger areas of color.
  • Water and a cloth or sponge to erase unwanted parts of your design.
  • Old towels or rags to clean up as necessary.
  • Masking tape for creating sharp borders, or sharp lines. Blue tape works best
  • Additional chalk, if you need a lot of a certain color. (Or trade colors with other artists.)
  • Nitrile gloves to protect your hands and assist in blending colors.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, or a hat for sun exposure.
  • Please keep beverage containers away from paintings. No glass is allowed anywhere.

Artist’s work will be judged by the Chalk Mafia and recognition given for the top 3 pieces in adult and youth age groups.