Watercolor Saturdays with Marianne Kost

Instruction focuses on journaling with pen and watercolor wash.  Work from your travel or memorabilia photos. We will also feature urban sketching with instruction on perspective for architectural components. Take one class or several with ongoing critique of previous month’s studies.


Suggested materials include:

Basics for the class are a journal, watercolor materials, black ink pen(s), and pencils.
Journals (choose any journal for wet (watercolor) application. Some choices:
Arches Aquarelle Travel Journal; landscape format $20.63 (Dick Blick vendor)
Moleskin Watercolor Notebook; 5 x 8 approx. $30 (Dick Blick)
Canson Watercolor 7×10 pad (Michaels) approx. $13.
Artists Loft Watercolor 5.5×8.5 pad (Michaels) approx. $6.
Pens (choose black ink, fine to medium tips)
Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens (Michaels)
Micron ink pens
Pencils and rubber eraser

Watercolor Materials
Winsor Newton professional watercolor tubes are best; choose three primaries: e.g.
ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson, aureolin yellow or winsor yellow or other colors you may
have. We will practice color mixing to obtain secondaries and build a variety.
Round brushes, sizes 6 and 10; Artists Loft synthetic (Michaels brand) is adequate and cheap
for beginner use. Princeton Select (blue handle) are also inexpensive and available at
Plastic Watercolor Palette (Michaels has a 17 well palette for $5.99)
Paper towels and water container (glass mason jar is good) We have a sink in the studio.
Personal photos Recommend that you bring a few favorite photos, whether travel, nature, or
celebrations of daily life. I will have photos for architectural studies to practice simple
perspective for travel themes. We’ll discuss the many types of journals as well as basic
exercises for artistic expression.

Please bring a bag lunch unless you want to enjoy a local restaurant on our lunch break.

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