How to Begin a Painting, the Landscape with Jose Ramirez

picture of Jose Ramirez landscape painting

Before starting to paint, it is natural for the artist to contemplate the subject for a while, considering the light and shade effects, studying the contrast, analyzing forms and colors, imagining what the finished picture will look like, and this way, entering the field of interpretation, where the artist imagines and mentally changes forms, contrast and color.

Cost: $135 DCA Members, $180 Non-members
Dates: May 4 & 5
Location: Classroom
Materials and Tools
-Canvases, panels or any cardboard
-Brushes for oil painting( bring them in different sizes)
-Dippers containers for linseed oil and turpentine
Oil colors in tubes
-Medium: linseed oil, liquin original from winsor and newton, walnut alkyd medium or Galkid Gel from Gamblin( we need only one medium of your preference)-16 oz bottle of Mona Lisa brush cleaner/conditioner or any paint thinner to clean your brushes. ( you can easily find this in Michael’s)
-Paint brush washer container (get it here)
-Palette knife’s to mixing colors
– paper towels or any kind of rag
– gloves in case you don’t want to get messy
Oil colors list
Titanium white
Lemon yellow
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium yellow
Cadmium red
Alizarin crimson
Cobalt blue
Ultramarine blue deep
Cerulean blue
Raw umber
Burnt umber
Burn sienna
Esmerald green or viridian green
(This is just a list of commonly used colors, feel free to bring the colors you like the most)
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