Designing with Line and Wash in Watercolor Paint with Marianne Kost

A class for beginning painters and experienced painters who want to explore creative approaches to design. The first three classes will focus on designing several compositions using contour line. Student designs will become a practice sheet for exploring various watercolor techniques, including graded wash, layered wash, wet into wet painting, application of texture, and use of white intervals. Class work will begin with studies based on still life setups and emphasize bold but simple drawing exercises. After initial exploration in applying wash techniques, students can interpret photo references of interest, continuing to explore brush application to practice the use of both hard and soft edges to create dimensional effects. Classwork and homework exercises will also explore color theory using a limited palette. Beginners can enjoy this class for the fun of learning what watercolor can achieve with bold and expressive application. Experienced artists might enjoy revisiting classic techniques to work with painting themes, emphasizing bold color and design. Materials list provided by the instructor. Minimum 4 students – Maximum 8 students.

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